Come for the sun, stay for the psychological meltdowns at the White Lotus resort.
Given the current worldcup, find out about its crony organisers in more detail with FIFA Uncovered!
Has the perfect recipe to be the perfect show! A foreign Fugitive *Bombay in the 80's *Bombay Underworld *Drugs *love *Black Market * Forgery *war. it all f**** compounds. Also did I mention it is based on true events?
A show that keeps you hooked till the ending and keeps you guessing on who actually did it.
Season 1/Episode 8: Rings of power's last episode is worth all the hours spent watching 100s of millions of dollars burn on a mediocre show
Save yourself and your time, don't watch she-hulk. Marvel take a bow and GTFO the stage already, you are the new DC!
Season 6/Episode 4: Sleepwalk into getting Fab abs
Did you know there was s Ted Lasso documentary 😂
Season 6/Episode 2: Die Hard in the ai, metaverse, alien era, pun intended
My girlfriend recommended this to me, I didn't believe her but it was so good!