Teddy Fischer

So powerful, badass, and different from other movies I’ve seen. This one sticks with me.
Great for the folks that love history documentaries but hate how informational they are.
Questionable moral takeaways, but really cute with the right mix of intrigue to keep you watching
Late to the game - but halfway through Wednesday and I’m hooked!
shattered my expectations. Recommended 👍
Such a fun little docuseries!
The K drama that I measure all other K dramas against. Perfect? Maybe
It's as frustrating as it is captivating. You’ll probably either love or hate this one. I loved it.
Foundation is my new favorite space odyssey
Unusual? Definitely. Unique? Probably. Best show ever? Quite possibly
Food, nazis, class conflict, and family dynamics are all at the forefront of Swedis
Holmes, Holmes, and Holmes strike again
A novel take on a dystopian future, where blindness has become synonymous with humanity
Full of all the adventure I expect from Charlie Hunnan playing (yet another) convict with a heart of gold
A phenomenal reimagining of the space race
Can’t think of a single problem with The Problem With John Stewart.