Tanmay Jain

S2: different concept now with Mumbai rains but still so compelling, loved how it went a level deeper into individual characters
Simultaneously frustrated at him and for him, did make me consider becoming a farmer though 🧑‍🌾
Missing ‘The Boys’ and this title hit the spot!
S5: so much drama this season, wondering if it can beat scandoval!
Such a cute romantic comedy, interestingly didn’t do the standard ‘rebel against the parents for love’ but used the main character Qasim as a way to explore the concept of arranged/assisted marriages as a British-Pakistani migrant!
S2E2: 😭😭😭 too much, this was such a touching episode. Learning more about the people behind the club!
My fave when nepo babies attribute all their success purely to ‘their hustle and grit’
S2: this never lived up to the rich storytelling of the books, characters all feel more shallow than their novel counterparts. Watching for my fantasy nostalgia and little else 👎🏽
S2: we are back!! Two Hollywood stars and the king of England walk into a Welsh football team 😂
🔥 such a heavy series, the way the opioid crisis impacted the US and the deep tentacles of Purdue pharma blew my mind
🔥S3: the whole season builds up to the unexpected ending, multiple story lines weaving together. Still miss Jamie though!
After the altar:soon as it came out I knew I had to watch it, there were some interesting moments but overall too light on drama
Rewatching this and forgot how funny Mindy Kaling is!
I’m so ready for my next pitch meeting, dropping my voice an octave and wearing a turtleneck
Watching because of Star Wars but idk, missing all the clone wars references and I miss the mandalorian 😢
Back for season 3! Some nostalgic vibes but now with meryl Streep 🤯
🔥so good, never felt like it dragged along at all!
🔥Still bingeing this, deep in season 3 and this just gets better and better!
S2 🔥: some people felt like it was too preachy and dramatic but I think it hit the mark perfectly, in Indian weddings often reality is crazier than you’d think!
S2 Pt2: the court room drama with flourishes are interesting, but wasn’t as gripped by the twists as I used to be
Watched it last night, I loved the Easter eggs and the core themes but think the story could’ve been better
🔥🔥 five episodes in and this is easily shaping up to be one of my favourite shows!
Pre-cursor to the big ‘Founder’ series, follows safetyculture/canva/vinomofo in 2017!
Just started season 2 🔥 no idea how this show isn’t bigger!
S2 🔥 was so great, this is a MUST WATCH. Feels so similar to Qwokka 🤪
S3 is here! 🔥
S5: I can call every drama now, maybe I’ve watched too much….
🔥 started off as just a high school basketball drama but it’s so much more!
S3 PT1: kinda losing track of the storyline, wish it had more monsters!
🔥just binged the first 3 episodes! Crazy story with new layers unfolding at every turn.
🔥just binged this! Kumail Nanjiani killed it as Steve Bannerji!
So trashy, naturally I’m bingeing it 😂 influencers forced to actually try make money…
Finale: did they just inception me? 🤔
S4E8: 🔥really pushed the envelope with a mockumentary on the Goofy movie!
😐 lots of action with the standard thin storyline
👍🏽 same cookie cutter style, still entertaining!
👍🏽Finally a series with Nick Fury at the centre. NGL needed to google who half the characters were though 😕
👍🏽 fun watch, especially to see Jack Harlow as a hippie basketballer 🏀
💩Nic Cage and Pedro Pascal have great chemistry but this film has nothing else going for it…
Season 2: what a finale, the episode with Rick Rubin was 🔥
🔥 this one caught me by surprise with how good it was! With solid cameos, music and drama, this is a must watch!
🔥 Stanley Tucci is such a vibe and does well as a genius detective!
🔥This was so dark and scary, binged it in a week!
Finale: I’m not crying it’s just allergies 😭
👍🏽Decent watch of how Nike came to dominate basketball. Decent acting but felt a little hollow sometimes…
😐Season 6: at this point I’m watching for nostalgia, the drama is getting old and I don’t think it’s even about houses anymore. P.S. where’s davina?
🔥S3 E10: this hit right in the feels, Keeley restarting his business from scratch and Nathan starting all over was the perfect pump up
Season 7: Is the same as every other season but in New Orleans? Yes! Do I still love it and binged it? Yes!
🔥S04E08: Kendall is so ADHD and loved Tom finally speaking his mind! Fave quote: let’s pillage their village 🪓
🔥Finally watched this and it lived upto expectations, that ending was crazy 🥩🥩
👍🏽 West wing vibes with more drama. Binged it in 3 days!
🔥if you like true crime documentaries or miss mindhunter then this is perfect!!
S03: watched it for the hype but wasn’t anything special
🔥S04E06: a big game of chicken with $billions on the line. Fave quote ‘your earlobes are big, chewy like barnacle meat’
👍🏽 I’m 4 episodes in and this is so creepily good!!
👍🏽 S06E01 Solaricks: kind of like Back to the Future but if their delorean broke!
Ridiculously trashy and dramatic, binged it between releases of Love is Blind!
Season 4 Episode 3: wow this wasn’t even a finale
Season 3 Episode 7: Lizzzzooo and Jack Black!!
Season 4 Episode 2: all the best business deals and family counselling happens at Karaoke 🎤
Season 4 Episode 1: what a saucy start!
Adam Sandler really nails this dramatic role, if you loved Coach Carter then this is for you
Longest running show of all time! I was late to the party but love the quiet vibes.
S4 Part 2: kind of disappointed with the twist and ending overall
Great take on counterfeiting, love these new Indian dramas!
It's better if you haven't seen the races already, still a good watch
Perfect Match: the Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, The Mole and Selling Tampa mashup i didn't know i needed. Absolute trash...loved it!
Season 4: 2 episodes in and glad to be back in Atlanta. Still wondering where the season is going but im psyched!'
It’s in Korean, and I have no idea why I started watching it, but it’s so entertaining !
Started rewatching this, only to realise it hit too close to home 🤣
Writer worked on 'The office', easter egg at the end of the episode too. Watch it to destress!
Gary Oldman in a spy drama, gave me the satisfaction that Treason didn’t
3 hours long with no break, skip the 3D version if you don’t want a headache
Makes me consider becoming a douchebag video game producer walking around making random prophetic statements.
It's the perfect film if you're looking for a romantic comedy that won't leave you with any warm and fuzzy feelings.
Not in the MCU, still the best movie by marvel
Loving the crossover with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (although less drama 😭)
Wish there was more screaming like Real Housewives of New Jersey
All the great drama makes me hungry for a sandwhich ;)
The only thing scary about this is the acting
Anyone actually know the rules to True American?
Considering buying a B-grade soccer team after watching this, don't tell my wife
Watched Hasan do this live and loved reliving it again
This fed my OCD soul
This is not helping my diet
I needed a panadol from all the yelling (and because my brain died), but i don't regret bingeing it
Satirical and funny take on a palestinian guy trying to support his family while being undocumented
I don't generally watch football but i lvoed seeing teams perform under such immense pressure