Writer worked on 'The office', easter egg at the end of the episode too. Watch it to destress!
Gary Oldman in a spy drama, gave me the satisfaction that Treason didn’t
3 hours long with no break, skip the 3D version if you don’t want a headache
Makes me consider becoming a douchebag video game producer walking around making random prophetic statements.
It's the perfect film if you're looking for a romantic comedy that won't leave you with any warm and fuzzy feelings.
Not in the MCU, still the best movie by marvel
Loving the crossover with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (although less drama 😭)
Wish there was more screaming like Real Housewives of New Jersey
All the great drama makes me hungry for a sandwhich ;)
The only thing scary about this is the acting
Anyone actually know the rules to True American?
Considering buying a B-grade soccer team after watching this, don't tell my wife
Watched Hasan do this live and loved reliving it again
This fed my OCD soul
This is not helping my diet
I needed a panadol from all the yelling (and because my brain died), but i don't regret bingeing it
Satirical and funny take on a palestinian guy trying to support his family while being undocumented
I don't generally watch football but i lvoed seeing teams perform under such immense pressure