After a really long time, Netflix India has produced a series that forces you to sit through the whole show
Apart from Harshvardhan’s abs, nothing is worth ogling
S3: The script is salt and pepper but the men, “oh so meaty”
The fact that they call themselves "H&M", makes me want to say "No, thanks"
A 4 episode docu series to basically prove one point - write your PDS well and make sure to make it sticky across all assets
This season is as slow as my crush’s response time. On a serious note, this show needs to end just like I need to stop texting my crush too.
Julia Roberts’s character in Notting Hill is a fuckboi that we all need to stay the hell away from
The show is materialistic af and just like that marrying a rich habibi doesn’t seem that bad at all 🙈
A movie that Amitabh Bacchan should have said goodbye to
70% of the show is KJO being in denial that he is legit going through mid-life crisis and the other 30% is him keeping us updated about who is doing who in Bollywood.
Season 5: It is so trashy that even Bachelor Australia seems like an Emmy-worthy plot in front of this season.
Sex Education + Euphoria + Sex + Rack off + More sex = Heartbreak High
A collab between Hitchcock and Gen Z teen drama that no one asked for. Apart from some bomb outfits worn by Camila Mendes, everything else sucked royally.
Another legal drama series from Netflix with too little courtroom drama but a whole lot of sexual drama. Apart from an Asian female protagonist, nothing is worth remembering from the show