S2: Love my sport docos and this one didn't miss!
I'd heard of the ponzi scheme before but i didn't know it operated to THIS extent.
Season 2: Only halfway through but the stakes are higher than ever!
Starts off a bit slow but this show is one of the most bingeable of 2022
Finally a relatable sitcom 😜 should've jumped on this way sooner
Starts off a bit slow as the humour takes a while to get used to but a nice watch!
Love everything about this movie. From the story to the breaking of the fourth wall it's a fun and entertaining watch
Not the best to watch these all the time but movies like these definitely put things into perspective
super sad story for all involved but a must watch for all sports fans to learn more about the impacts of CTE
NBA season is back so this one floated back to the top of my watchlist. Certainly didn't disappoint!
Recently had a nostalgic trip after reactivating Disney+ and boy does this show slap
A must watch for any avid sports lover!
Definitely slid under the radar for me. But this is the best Star Wars show since The Mandalorian!
All this talk about how Waystar Royco is gonna continue is good and all. But I just want to know how they found product market fit
This show has me speaking in posh english all week!
Rollercoaster of emotions watching this K Drama. A super sad ending as well if that's what you're after 😭