Paul Rudd, a character named Podcast and some other fun bits make this movie amusing but don't expect much more
lot of hype and while I wasn't disappointed, I am left feeling a bit confused, albeit with a nice underlying message
Season 3: I think season 1 is still the best but regardless this season did not disappoint!
s1 ep1 - a classic rich family drama set-up, keen to see where it goes from here
Season 2: I miss Armond but can't wait for episode 4 to drop
Keep seeing the ghost of meghan markles
All set up for season just need to wait 2 years?
I'm definitely late to the party, but Bill Hader is awesome!
German TV is not something I normally (ever) watch but the first episode left me wanting more
A year late but wow
When in need of some light viewing, hard to go past this.. Noicee
What else would be better to watch while waiting the one week between Rings of Power episodes?