can’t believe there’s 5000 possibilities to watch the show and Netflix gave me the best one
best Christmas movie by far
2022’s The Social Network
Between Top Gun 1 & 2, Tom Cruise was a drug smuggling pilot for Pablo Escobar
1 episode in and I’m confused af 😭
Genuinely one of the best and saddest war films I’ve ever seen
I haven’t seen it but my friends have. 1 loved it coz of Harry Styles, 1 hated it coz of Harry Styles.
Had to spend 30 mins on TikTok after finishing the series just to feel happy again
Jesus fucking Christ
Knees were weak, palms were sweaty, but mum wasn’t spaghetti. I do not recommend you check out this thriller if you have a fear of heights, it’ll trigger your flight or fight.
Came to watch a thriller, stayed for Morgan freeman’s voice
Up to the final episode and I love the main villain and the fantasy element of it