Think: Squid Game with super fit people but minus the killing. Korean reality TV shows are actually next level 🤯
I really didn’t think I could tolerate another US high school drama since my gossip girl days but mindy kaling has definitely changed my mind
sure it’s probably more wholesome than love island but damn the awkwardness makes it hard to watch
This one needs a major warning before each episode to bring extra tissues 😭
screaming goats are only funny ONCE 🐐
I can't believe this guy is doing $200 Cameos these days 😦
This is one of the few movie remakes that live up to the original! P.S. bring lots of tissues 😿
Food docos are proving to be the best cure for post-travel blues 🍽️
Social network vibes but make it a miniseries! Love the spotlight on all the untold stories behind Spotify’s success
The first episode already got me all like "i'm not crying, you're crying". And that continued for the rest of the season 🥹
Definitely nsfw on so many levels. Watch at your own risk 😬
Billions really had me questioning my career choices but then I decided that staying on the right side of the law is probably a good idea 😂