Totally forgot how amazing the animations and sound track was
Still in the middle of it but regretting working in finance
The best movie I’ve seen all of 22. Just so stimulating
One of the best action movies I’ve watched so far
Amazing movie to bring back nostalgia
A good Netflix action movie, easy to watch while scrolling through IG on your phone
Amazing series about how a 20 year old went against a conglomerate. Interesting story about why every young person needs a great mentor
Absolutely love kids movies and reccomend watching Cars and Kung Fu Panda as an adult. I never knew why my parents were laughing at random scenes now I understand it's humour just for adults
Bringing back the nostalgia
First time watching it thoughts: amazing however overstimulating
It's made me buy Phil Jackson's book 11 Rings
Season 6/Episode 6: A beautiful portrayal of death in human form. Very touching
Most thrilling documentary about GME and the pyschology of buyers
For the lovers of Percy Jackson style shows