This movie really made me want to go to the Whitsunday islands. And I guess that was the point all along?
I will watch anything where Australia belts England, but I feel like it would have been more interesting to have had a doco about how England handled losing The Ashes 4-0
Hollywood writers really love making Hollywood movies about Hollywood writers.
I hated the covid setup but when Kate Hudson screamed “what is reality?!” I really felt that
a dumb fun stoner movie, and somewhere in there is something about male friendship. I think.
Imagine if the Marvellous Mrs Maizel was aggressively millennial
This movie made me physically ill. It’s brilliant.
The miraculous victory of an out-manned force over terror - Die Hard is actually a Hanukkah movie 🕎
Come for the 70s soundtrack, stay for the animated SF skyline
This is a quip about nothing