Jake Bloom

Why does Nick, the largest roommate, not simply eat the others?
Budgie Smuggler®️ is laughing all the way to the bank with the free publicity they’re getting on this show
The new episodes are very funny! It’s strange to see them make contemporary references though. And you can tell the voice actors have aged.
The couple across the road who always get into domestics are watching this atm 🫣
S1 E7: Do you ever feel like your blood pressure is too low? This episode will fix that!
Some genuinely laugh out loud moments in between a lot of cringe comedy
There is FAR TOO MUCH sexual harassment on this boat
Gimmicky but a good explainer for those unfamiliar with markets. Also, Guy Raz narrating??
Watch this if you enjoy stress!
Taken as a whole series, it’s amazing. The story, the time period, the sheer Jewishness of it all. You can catch Zoe and I writing thoughts about this instead of our wedding speech.
Posting this because I’ve spent the last five days watching the cricket. Unbelievable match.
You know what? I’m going to say it. The Colin/Daisy/Gary drama is more interesting than Scandoval.
Is it problematic that Rachel Brosnahan and Tony Shaloub aren’t actually Jewish? 🤔
Fun movie with a great soundtrack!
A masterclass in reality tv. Everyone on this show is awful and I hate them all.
I cannot believe they are still making new episodes of this
This show is just Seinfeld tbh. Pete is Jerry, Ruxin is George, Jenny & Kevin are Elaine & Puddy, Taco is Kramer, Andre is Newman
Dread it, run from it, the Scandoval arrives all the same.
My brother has been recommending this to me for years, glad I finally started watching
Netflix really knows how to make a documentary, can’t believe it’s been 10 years!
Mel Brooks is the GOAT and it’s not close. This is the funniest TV I’ve watched in a loooong time.
They really did the sailing coach dirty
Did Adam Sandler write this movie just so he could hang out with some basketball players? It’s a good one though!
Biggest lesson: the regulators were totally asleep at the switch 😬🤯
Watching as an adult you realise how messed up this movie is 😬
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in
the YouTube algorithm fed me a clip and I had forgotten how much I loved this show
At least in "Bombshell" they got actual Australians to play the Murdochs!
It’s reality trash but props to these kids for getting a TV network to pay for their weddings
They really nailed the cast mix this season between normal people and total psychos
This movie really made me want to go to the Whitsunday islands. And I guess that was the point all along?
I will watch anything where Australia belts England, but I feel like it would have been more interesting to have had a doco about how England handled losing The Ashes 4-0
Hollywood writers really love making Hollywood movies about Hollywood writers.
I hated the covid setup but when Kate Hudson screamed “what is reality?!” I really felt that
a dumb fun stoner movie, and somewhere in there is something about male friendship. I think.
Imagine if the Marvellous Mrs Maizel was aggressively millennial
This movie made me physically ill. It’s brilliant.
The miraculous victory of an out-manned force over terror - Die Hard is actually a Hanukkah movie 🕎
Come for the 70s soundtrack, stay for the animated SF skyline
This is a quip about nothing