First episode down, suspensefully eerie. By the same creators as Dark, so know the sci-fi levels are about to escalate 😬
Non-Christmas related holiday season throwback with some gags that have not aged well 😬'
Only upto Season 1 Episode 4, I know something crazy is happen, the suspense is HIGH. Something it about to pop off
Looked like an interesting concept, but in the end it was a classic Netflix overproduced, yet underdelivered
craziness on the streets on Mumbai!
Just watched the first episode as I saw they're spending $50 mil per ep. The visuals are epic but the dialogue was oh so cringe. Not sure I'm a promoter yet 🤷‍♂️
Urban food safari through some epic cities!
Getting my Top Boy-esque fix while waiting for the next season's
Go the Swedish with subtitles!
Signature Hasan - sentimental sprinkled with comic relief
CHI city on display. Chaotic and intense but weirdly captivating.
The GOT savageness has started to creep in in Episode 5 & 6!
Bromance, action and some amazingly whacky CGI
where's the food fam?'
Heartwarming (& breaking) take on modern relationships
Baz Luhrman strikes again!