Wai F

Amazing performance from Cate Blanchett!
Before I knew it, I’m 5 episodes in, in one sitting.
Loveeeee the music
Non-stop action, funky neon aesthetics and VFX that’s a feast for the eyes.😁
Epic film! Had to bear some cognitive dissonance, being simultaneously entertained and appalled because the story mirrors both the best and worst of our world.
I love the worlds created by Tolkien, the elf kingdom in the woods, dwarf fortresses in the mountains… This series brings all his rich imagination to life, even the plot twist felt like a little footnote when taking in the epic series.
Loved the portrayal of conflict in Shuri when grappling with the loss of her brother. 👏🏼 Though can’t help but to think DC Aquaman got there first with the underwater kingdom.
Watched it because I’m secretly a Marvel movie fan.
10/10 for family values, trippy visuals to match the story, as well as the mass education of b*tt plugs and the purpose of having holes in the centre of bagels. (The above mentioned two objects are not related)
The story of a relationship between an octopus and a man. It shows how a being can be perfect in its place, fulfilling its own purpose in a transient moment.
Ashamed to say I watched it on the plane only because of Ryan Gosling.
I love the central theme on unapologetic exploration with the purpose of understanding other cultures
I love the visuals in the film, the beautiful use of light and shadow with an analogue film style.