The worst movie I've ever watched. Avoid at all costs
A perfect blend of comedy and thriller which will always keep you guessing!
The same director and actor as Get Out, but nowhere near as good. It's a nope from me
fun background viewing, Gordon Ramsay at his finest
Cute romcom with a fun concept, apart from some rushed plot points - worth a watch
An underated Christmas movie featuring loveable misfits against cartoonish villains
A promising set-up which ultimately goes nowhere
The main character loses her memory - something youll wish you could do after watching this movie
Season 1 is a masterpiece, just don't watch anything after that 😬
A master-class in how to make the most of a ridiculous concept 😂
The scariest part of this is that someone thought it was a good idea
They should've called this movie WTF because WTF is this story
It's like Among Us with trashy reality show editing
Do yourself a favour and plan to watch something else
More like Time to watch something else 🥱
Sherlock Holmes meets Oceans Eleven